Jersey, the largest of the British Channel Islands and home to over 92000 humans, has a total area a little over 45 square miles or 117 square kilometres at high water. With an ebbing spring tide, the Bailiwick surrounded by its constellations of offshore reefs, including Les Minquiers, Les Ecréhous and Les Pierres de Lecq, can swell to more than double its land mass.

The Island’s territorial seas are over 770 square miles or 2000 square kilometres in extent, encompassing and bordering some of the most precious marine habitats in the world. Sea Jersey was created to help bring the nature and culture of this lesser-known ‘other half of Jersey’ to the attention of a wider audience. Education for the pleasure of living is what it is all about.

Southeast of mainland Jersey sprawls Le Banc Violet - well explored but little understood. In the west, St Ouen's Bay is a high-energy shoreline - a natural amphitheatre to aeons of sea level change. From the rugged north coast, the Channel Island Archipelago stretches into the distant deeper waters of La Manche.

Every centimetre of Jersey shoreline will reveal something of interest to the inquisitive observer…

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